Big Business
The new Novel

Carey Parrish brings back the residents of Number 56 Kensington
Street, Holland Park, London in a  new novel that promises to be as
exciting as the first. With an empty flat for rent landlady Mrs.
Shugart, with her ally Mr. Humbolt at her side, is none too pleased
with her newest tenant, upwardly mobile attorney Sandra Leverock,
who is engaged to billionaire Edgar Allardice. She also happens to be
the niece of Mrs. Shugart's oldest nemesis, Margaret Armstrong.
American journalists Rob Brent and Jeff Schrader face a life
changing decision while their upstairs neighbor DJ Pack becomes
attracted to Ms. Leverock. As Allardice moves to expand his empire
by any means necessary, the residents of Number 56 Kensington
Street become entangled in his web. Murder, intrigue, and corporate
ruthlessness combine to teach all involved just how dangerous the
world of Big Business can be.

Out 12/04/2011
When two American journalists decide to live in
London for a year they take a flat in posh Holland
Park and get a cast of characters for neighbors who
are anything but boring.

Rob Brent and Jeff Schrader quickly find their new
landlady Mrs. Shugart to be the quintessential
busybody, aided by their across the hall neighbor Mr.
Humbolt. Upstairs lives pretty Miss Bullivant, who
falls for Mr. Lawrence, another new tenant in the
building who has a smile Mrs. Shugart doesn't trust.

A strange accident, a tragic death, and a plot to steal
an very expensive line of Italian jewelry all converge
to give the residents of Number 56 Kensington
Street a spring like no season any of them have
experienced before...and the mysterious word
'Marengo' is the only clue that things are not what
they seem.
Running the gamut with
stories of murders plotted
to murders carried out,
bewitched pianos and
portraits, outlaw nuns on
the run, a heartwarming
holiday story, and a
haunting retelling of the
tale of Vlad Dracula, the
author of
Into The Light
serves up an enthralling
anthology of short stories
The Moving Finger
Poetry, prose, and
personal views on
life from the mind of
writer Carey Parrish.
Carey Parrish
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