Free Short Story - Arsenic and Old Cake

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"My love of books and writing have sustained me throughout
my life. Imagine being able to watch the birth of a tremendously
talented American writer happen before your eyes. I was overjoyed
to find that Carey Parrish's dream to write was coming to fruition.
From the first journals I read of his, I realized that his candid
storytelling about life reminded me of my childhood joyous
wanderings through books by Thurber and Frost. His kind of
refreshing candour is rare and greatly needed by avid readers. I'm
honoured to call Carey my friend. He's a great guy, generous and
caring, and he has a hair trigger laugh that is infectious and light-
hearted. Congratulations and continued inspiration, Carey!"
Susaye Greene - singer, actress, artist, writer.

“Parrish has such an elegant way of writing that you feel you’ve
been dropped into a classic English mystery with all the modern
conveniences for our heroes to unravel this conundrum!”
Gregory G. Allen, author of Well With My Soul

"When you're looking for provocative interviews,
brilliant writing, reliable reviews, and leads on
some of today's most enterprising and entertaining
creators around, look no further than Carey
Parrish and Web Digest Weekly."
Rick R. Reed, author of Orientation & IM.

"Always the first one to cover all the latest
breaking news as to whats going on in my world.
A pleasure, delight, and truly an honor to have
worked with."
Dave "12 Pack" Amerman, star of
VH-1's I Love Money & I Love New York.

"...writes with a heart of longing; a compassionate
Eric Arvin, author of SubSurdity & Surburbilicious.

"I've been an avid reader of Web Digest Weekly
for some time now. It's interesting, insightful, and
Carey, as the site's MC, has this wonderful way of
pulling in some really great writers enabling them
to showcase their art to a wider audience."
Clayton Littlewood, author of Dirty White Boy.

"The hardest working man in the writers' world,
Carey is in a class of his own. Eloquent,
persistent, well spoken, author, writer and more
importantly a good friend."
Ryan Opray, star of Survivor: Pearl Islands.

"Carey's warmth, work ethic, and perspective
constantly inspire."
Barry Eisler, author of Requiem For An Assassin
& Fault Line.

"Web Digest Weekly, the creative brainchild of
Carey Parrish, is my one stop source for all things
Arthur Wooten, author of On Picking Fruit
& Fruit Cocktail.
Carey Parrish
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